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Portfolio, Meet Paradise

Tue, 21 Oct 2014 1:19 am EDT

GoPro (GPRO) Video Chart: Where To Now? (10/02/14)

Trading 101 – Size Management

One of the things I see all the time is someone makes a winning trade and they say “If only I had put in more money..” or “I should’ve bought more..” and these are dangerous statements to be making. Of course when a trade works we always wish we had more exposure to it. However, the reality is is that for more than 80% of you, on average your trades aren’t going to work. The average trader making the average trade is more likely to lose money than win. That’s not my opinion, that’s just a fact supported by decades of statistical research on trading. Continue reading

Notice: Please Read

Worthmore Investments, LLC and stockhaven.com were mentioned today in criminal charges filed against several individuals, including Alexander Hawatmeh.  Alex has not been involved with the company or the website since late 2012.  None of the charges filed against Alex relate to his prior activities with the company or the website, and the company had no knowledge of the actions alleged by the SEC and the U.S. Attorney. None of the penny-stock companies described in the criminal complaint or SEC release have been profiled or reviewed by stockhaven.com on the website or in any of its releases. We point out that the SEC and U.S. attorney did not file any actions against Worthmore Invesments, LLC and stockhaven.com because we have done nothing wrong. These were actions taken by an individual, who at the time of his actions had no involvement with the company or stockhaven.com. Worthmore Investments, LLC and stockhaven.com has been under the operation of Kevin Kleinman since early 2013. You can read the SEC’s press release here.

Trading 101 – Overcoming Stubbornness

In this video I go over the psychological and tactical strategy for overcoming stubbornness in your trading.


The #1 Reason Traders Lose Money

In the video below I go over what I believe is the #1 reason traders lose money. Enjoy!


(note: the video is 1 hour long but much of that is due to a question and answer session at the end of the lesson, you will learn the #1 reason within the first 10 minutes of the video)

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