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Portfolio, Meet Paradise

Fri, 18 Apr 2014 3:34 pm EDT

Webinar Recording: Trading Options, Is It Worth It To Learn?

The following video is a webinar related to options that I held this past Thursday, April 10th. The webinar was free for all to attend. Questions are shown below in text format, watch the video for the answers. Enjoy!

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New Stock Tips Pick Coming Soon

On a day where we saw the halting of one of the most popular OTC stocks in PHOT, we have a silver lining in knowing that what arguably has been the most consistent penny stock promoter, Stock Tips, is releasing a new pick very soon.

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PHOT Halted! What Should You Do About It?

Just sent an email to our subscriber base about what the PHOT halt means for the penny market and what adjustments you should make. The first adjustment is accepting that the best momentum in the penny market has likely come and gone for the time being. That means having alternative trading styles you can turn to (like options trading) is a good investment. Click this link to sign up for a free webinar I am hosting that will reveal some more details. The webinar is tonight, April 10th @ 8:30pm est.

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CAMARO’s Watchlist for 4/8/14

NFLX - Looking for a bounce today. Yesterday it put in a decent reversal candle & actually closed green despite the rest of the market continuing to slide. NFLX filled in its earnings gap yesterday when it went under 333 and is currently very oversold. I think a bounce back to around 360 is likely today/tomorrow. RSI is at 22, were right on the 200ma, the stock is 16$ away from its 8ma & $50 away from its 21ma. Bounce is overdue but wouldn’t think NFLX retraces very much of the move which is why Im think 360s might be all we get. I am long NFLX.

 CAMAROs Watchlist for 4/8/14

TEMN - Close above a bull flag yesterday and is looking like it will go from sub-penny to penny land today. The flag was good, it saw low volume during the flag and then got a surge in volume yesterday when it began breaking out…Needs to break above .0095 & HOLD above it to keep the momo. If it goes above & then back under thats warning sign its getting rejected at highs.

 CAMAROs Watchlist for 4/8/14

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CAMARO’s Watchlist for 4/4/14

BCCI - Broke out of similar pattern to NVLX. Looks great for another big up day tomorrow up into resistance around .12-.14c  We tweeted out this setup this AM when it started breaking out and then it went on to close out on highs. Watch for prior high break to keep trade alive.

 CAMAROs Watchlist for 4/4/14

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