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02/27/2013 Preparation Journal : Premium membership Preview

One of the main features that subscribers to WatchHimTrade.com will have access to is my personal preparation journal, where I come up with the criteria that I am watching for on my favorite stocks for the next trading day. In this video I analyze AAPL in extensive detail in addition to AMZN & SPY which I cover in broader detail. 

For those who are unaware, WatchHimTrade.com is a website that we are launching soon that will host “premium” content. Subscribers will have the opportunity to pay $99.99 per month to gain access to live trading footage, preparation video’s like the one contained in this post, and much more. Expect more details on WatchHimTrade.com in the coming weeks.

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  • Tim

    Do you have proof, such as screen shots of your real trading account, showing that you continually make profits? I’m interested but I would definitely need to see at least a years worth of info that you do make continued profits. Thanks!

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