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4/26/14 Webinar Recording

Below you will find the video to this weekends webinar. Questions are timestamped beneath the video. To participate in future webinars, register here.

1) Was wondering what your thoughts on AAPL long term are post splitting?(0:20 mark)

2) How you decide which strike price to buy? Do you choose the strike the night before or usually during the trading day?  Also, does the day of the week effect which you choose? (4:43 mark)

3) What is your opinion on all of the marijuana stocks? (9:15 mark)

4) How do you recommend to set up trading as a business? (16:43 mark)

5) How do i know when to enter and exit a trade? (20:25 mark)

6) How do you use level II? (31:15 mark)

7) I can never read the support and resistance level in level 2 sometimes both sides have the same amount of buyers and sellers then i get confused could you please explain a little further for me please? (1:01:55 mark)

8) How do you study charts for day trading? (1:04:36 mark) — also reference #9 at the following link: http://watchhimtrade.com/weekly-webinar-40914-recording/ and #2 at the following link: www.watchhimtrade.com/april-23rd-weekly-webinar/

9) Could you explain open interest and implied volatility? (1:07:14 mark)

10) How do you increase your chances of buying a true breakout and decrease your chances of buying a fakeout? (1:24:15 mark)

Chart requests: TDEY, ERBB, AAPL (1:36:25 mark)

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