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STOCKHAVEN.COM brings a community of traders, from beginners to experts, together to discuss trade ideas, share general market insight, and help each other improve their skills.

Our live chat rooms consist of both stock and options traders. There are regularly 200+ traders hanging out in our rooms during market hours sharing their trades. When the market is closed the rooms become a place for our members to hang out and get to know one another, in addition to swapping trading insights.

We also offer free educational webinars every other week. The goal of the webinars is to help newer traders improve, or help experienced ones add new weapons to their arsenal. You can sign up to receive details on upcoming webinars by clicking here. The webinars are presented by our head trader, Kevin Kleinman, who goes by the username Stockhaven.

What separates Stockhaven.com from other websites out there is that our only motive is to help you become a great trader. We are a completely free site and the only revenue we make is from advertisements by way of Google Ads. While we have paid services offered thru our sister sites Watchhimtrade.com and Watchmadaztrade.com, they are kept separate from Stockhaven as a part of our promise to always remain a free trading community!

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