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Accessing our new chat room and why we made a change

Hi everyone. Recently we changed the chat room software we were using from flashcoms to omnovia. There were some positives and negatives with flaschoms chat software, just as there with omnovia’s (and any other chat software). We felt the need to explain some of our thought process behind the switch. 

First of all, omnovia is a third party chat room software provider, meaning we host the stockhaven.com chat room on their servers, not ours. This is ideal for a few reasons:

1.) If ever our server gets compromised for some reason or we need to do scheduled maintenance or just a routine update, we won’t have to do it at the expense of our chat room because it is not actually on our server.
2.) Having chat room software like flashcoms directly installed to our server takes up a lot of memory and can cause the chat to lag behind and other pages to load slower in certain cases.
3.) Flashcoms is an Indian based company, so when we needed help from their customer service, it was extremely difficult to ever get in touch with them. Omnovia on the other hand is a Texas based company
4.) Flashcoms did not offer much in terms of security from spammers where as Omnovia does more to help us root out the users in chat who are only there to cause trouble

In our view, flashcoms was great because it had a personal sense to their software where as Omnovia is more professional and to the point. In the end though, that’s where we believe social media is heading. Think about facebook, twitter, etc… companies like that are awesome in delivering a personal experience to their users, but what are they offering more than that? Where is the added monetary benefit for the user? It isn’t there.

Instead, we envision the future of social media to be more about professional value based benefits that can translate to dollars for the users, not the founders of the company. These types of companies will still have a social media aspect in terms of connecting people, but it will be professional first, and personal second. Why? Because it is much more profitable for everyone involved in the future should social media go that route, and the market tends to travel which ever road is most profitable.

So while the personal experience thru omnovia might not be as personable, features like instapoll, immediate announcement, color distinction, direct classroom viewing (no need to use join.me) and many more, make it much more useful for accomplishing our goal — which is helping create the best environment possible for all types of traders to succeed in an ever changing market place.

To access our chat room simply click the chat room tab, enter a valid email address, and choose your username. No password is required.

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  • deejay alski

    :) good stuff

  • Mike

    Learning alot from your website and chat.  Great information, don’t think you could buy anything better out there.  Just wondering if you’ll be posting your current classroom session along with your old ones.  The time difference of my location makes it very difficult to attend class but look forward to catching the reruns :)

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