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prep for 3/22/13 (AAPL)

AAPL: W2W4: a close on 3 minute candle above initial 3 minute high. first 5 minute candle a pull-back post 10:00 > 2.50 could signal hod needs to break hod on > 250K for a neutral day to either become … Continue reading

The Power of the Tape (AAPL)

with trading, there is a misconception out there that it HAS TO MAKE SENSE. That every little tick on the ticker board or every little news feed stemmed from a company’s action, rumors, etc. has to all make sense accordingly … Continue reading

DeanSTrader prep for: 3/18/13 (AAPL)

AAPL:  Key signals to watch: for the past 4 weeks the 1st 15 minute candle on Monday whether green or red signaled if week was green or red. In fact, even the 1st 3 minute candle of the week determined … Continue reading

Stockhaven & DeanSTrader Prep for: 3/15/13 (GOOG, AAPL)

In the preps we do, we usually use certain terms with abbreviations as it is both a habit and a much quicker fashion to get stuff down. So for the readers, here are some terms to be familiar with: mvp … Continue reading

DeanSTrader Prep for 3/14/13

AAPL:  W2W4 (What to Watch for): An extension > 3.09 below open price (bearish) An extension > 1.21 below first 3 minute candle low (bearish). A 15 minute candle close > $1.00 above first 15 minute close (bullish). 3 minute … Continue reading

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