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How My Biggest Loss Changed Me As A Trader And As A Person

Every week I hold a webinar as a part of my premium watchhimtrade service. The webinar is only for paying members, but I make the video free after the fact. This week I had some great questions submitted, including this … Continue reading

Webinar Recording: Trading Options, Is It Worth It To Learn?

The following video is a webinar related to options that I held this past Thursday, April 10th. The webinar was free for all to attend. Questions are shown below in text format, watch the video for the answers. Enjoy!

PHOT Halted! What Should You Do About It?

Just sent an email to our subscriber base about what the PHOT halt means for the penny market and what adjustments you should make. The first adjustment is accepting that the best momentum in the penny market has likely come … Continue reading

Stockhaven’s Watchlist – 3/26/14

PMCM: Might be the next RFMK type mover considering that it is getting huge volume in the $0.004′s and that’s RFMK just moved up to a penny from. Expecting a gap higher above $0.005 on Wednesday where that level will … Continue reading

Stockhaven’s Watchlist – 3/24/14

RFMK: Alerted this one via email @ $0.0046 on Friday and it finished the day with an awesome close @ hod. Expecting the penny level to act as a magnet this week as long as the company doesn’t dilute the … Continue reading

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