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CAMARO’s Watch List for 6/5/13

DDD - On bounce watch tomorrow.   Just had 3 down days, something it hasn’t done in a while. The last 3 day pullback was bounced on the 4th day. I want to see a gap down tomorrow so I can buy for a r/g move. Its at support around 43.75-44.30 so I want to buy around that level with a bounce target of 46.

 CAMAROs Watch List for 6/5/13

AAPL - Will be focusing on scalping this one intra-day tomorrow to the long side. They have a media event coming up on monday and I wouldnt be surprised if we start seeing some hype going into that event which could lead to a rise in price. Today AH AAPL got some negative news so expect a gap down tomorrow but if it can reverse green on bad news that could be another catalyst to AAPL moving. The reason I am focusing on AAPL right now is because of the big inverse head & shoulders formation that is trying to break out of and Im looking for any catalyst to get the stock rolling. If your not familiar with what Im talking about this is a chart showing the formation http://i.imgur.com/dLp5eIx.png

 CAMAROs Watch List for 6/5/13

SCTY - Just fell 26% in past 4 days and looking oversold as today it fell 9% but started to show some signs of life in the afternoon. Looking to buy a break above 38 and targeting 40-41 tomorrow. A gap up would be healthy and welcomed.

 CAMAROs Watch List for 6/5/13


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