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CAMARO’s Watchlist for 10/25/13

TSLA - Big dip buy opp yesterday at 160 and today it paid well to those who took it. I had it but I sold at 166ish icon sad CAMAROs Watchlist for 10/25/13 . Anyways tomorrow I like TSLA for more upside/bounce. Looking for a move back into its 21ma right at 180. A down open for a red to green move would be my ideal play. If it gaps up tomorrow that limits my upside potential so I am really only planning on trading TSLA if we see down open so it can rip r/g. with 180 tgt.

 CAMAROs Watchlist for 10/25/13

HLF - Broke above a little channel today on good volume, this stock was looking prime for a big breakdown but buyers stepped in and held it above 63 for 2 weeks. Now HLF is back above all key moving averages and with a high short % we could see it back to new highs in no time. As far as the catalyst for it moving up today, I believe that hopes of Icahn raising his stake in HLF now that he opened up some funds after selling a large portion of his NFLX position increased thus leading to a pop in HLF.  Tomorrow looking for a move above 70 using call spread. I like the idea of buying next weeks 68 calls and selling the 71x with low 70s being my target this is a good trade in my opinion. They do report earnings on the 28th after the bell I dont know if I would take it into earnings at this point.

 CAMAROs Watchlist for 10/25/13

GS - Watching for a move above 160 tomorrow. Im going to trade a call spread here using next weeks 160/165 vertical spread with 165 being my target by tuesday. I really believe GS is going to make a big soon, been looking for the banks in general to begin moving. Why tomorrow? Well im looking at banks overall and a lot of them that have sold off last two days all found bottoms today in my opinion and if they break their prior highs I think banks could have a big friday tomorrow and GS to me has the most compelling bullish setup. The high for this week is at 160.71, so thats the KEY breakout.

 CAMAROs Watchlist for 10/25/13


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