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CAMARO’s Watchlist 10/31/12

CMG - Watch this week for a break and close above 255 because CMG looks like it might take a stab at filling in some of major gap left from just a few days ago.  Gap to 280 could get filled.

GOOG - Ugly daily candle setup, watch for a crack under 670 this week to bring in more heavy selling pressure. Our target is 650s on a sharp GOOG breakdown.

VRNG - Starting show more of a steady uptrend versus the massive short squeeze we witnessed a few weeks ago. Looks like it moves .30-.50c a day so anything extended off that and we would consider selling some off. Should retest 4.75-5 this week, looks good to swing with 3.75 stop

EKNL - Back in play if it can break and close above .75c and this time we will raise our target to 1.00.  One thing to note is the volume drop off so we want to see it trade more than 500k a day going forward.


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