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CAMARO’s Watchlist for 9/10/13

AAPL - Saw a very big gap up today likely caused by the news we get on Fridays close about striking a deal with CHL. The inside week that AAPL had last week broke to the upside today and now is looking good for a 513.74 test. Tomorrow we have two key events, one during the trading session here in the USA and the second during afterhours that will be in China. Tomorrow should provide great volatility with this event. Typically you’ll see sell the news with these type of events on AAPL however in the past AAPL has run into the event. This time around it has been trading flat for the last 2 weeks or so which leads me to believe that ‘sell the news’ might not work tomorrow. I am long AAPL overnight on multiple expirations targeting 510-515 .

 CAMAROs Watchlist for 9/10/13

BAC - Today we saw surprising strength in the financial sector with XLF closing up 1.16% . It also closed above its 21day for first time start of Aug. If financials are going to back on uptrend I believe BAC is the spot to be. BAC in my opinion has held up the best relative to other similar names and is only 3.5% away from its 52w high. Watch tomorrow for BAC to break above last weeks high of 14.55 if it can do that I wouldnt rule out a rally up to 14.75-14.80 this week and 15 by EOM.

 CAMAROs Watchlist for 9/10/13

GILD - The bio-tech sector continues to be the strongest sector in the markets and I believe the bullishness on the overall sector will propel GILD to new 52w highs tomorrow. Watch for a gap down that holds above 61.80-62.00 to buy for a r/g move . I think it breaks 64.04 tomorrow though, todays candle is very powerful because how it closed.

 CAMAROs Watchlist for 9/10/13


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