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CAMARO’s Watchlist For 9/25/13

TSLA - In a bull flag on daily and has held up great the last 4 days as the markets sold off. TSLA is still at all-time highs and short interest actually increased yet again! Shorts continue to roll up their positions and continue to be dead wrong. No reason to try to find a top in TSLA. Tomorrow I think TSLA rips again this time into the 190s. Watch for new high break at 185.83.

— If you are a perma-bear on TSLA you gotta be patient. Did you know TSLA hasn’t had its 8ma under its 21ma since March!? Ive never seen a streak like that and I believe once that occurs that will signal the potential top. Until then either join the bulls or warm the bench. 

 CAMAROs Watchlist For 9/25/13

SPY - Today closed red again, down 4 days in a row. It hasn’t seen a 5 day losing streak  in 2013 and until this changes I am going to assume tomorrow markets are green so I will be looking for some sort of reversal candle tomorrow. It has to start with a small timeframe first and then work its way into the daily candle. Pay attention to the 15min candles to find some sort of hammer bottom. If markets gap up tomorrow then I believe it can be a gap and go day

 CAMAROs Watchlist For 9/25/13

GOOG - nice doji candle today as it absorbed yesterdays big selloff. Tomorrow looking for a snap back over 890. Wait for 890 to break before trying an entry (even though I am long already). I am in 910 calls as a lottery play for this week. Above 890 it has pretty open air til 896-898

 CAMAROs Watchlist For 9/25/13

JPM - Looking for a dead cat bounce tomorrow as JPM fell into its 200ma today for the first time all year. This is obviously very bearish and JPM is overall weak but I highly doubt JPM is going to fall right through its 200ma without some sort of bounce. Tomorrow looking for a morning flush lower under todays low and then a snapback above todays low, once that snap back occurs that will be my buy trigger. Would look for bounce back to 51.70-52 by thursday

 CAMAROs Watchlist For 9/25/13


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