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CAMARO’s Watchlist for 11/29/12

GS - Out of all the banks GS looks the best to me. The financial sector XLF has had the bigger of the pullbacks in comparison to other SPDRs but GS has held up the best. Looking for a 120 cross tomorrow and a move into the 121.50-123 range. Gut feeling is tomorrow will be a huge green day all around.

 CAMAROs Watchlist for 11/29/12

PCLN - Great breakout move today. If you’ve never traded PCLN there is one thing you need to know. It moves big and fast. 20-30pt moves is nothing new to PCLN. Tomorrow a move into the 680s is what were looking at. A great lotto play setup is the PCLN 670 calls expiry this week. Those are at 1.70 now and could run to 5-8 dollars tomorrow if PCLN hits even 670.   A dip below 650 tomorrow will ruin the trade so use that for stop.

 CAMAROs Watchlist for 11/29/12

TSL - High volume today off the lows- lots of room to run and a nice r/r setup here.  2.61 stoploss and 3.50-3.75 target for tomorrow. Probably will gap up so wait to see if it fills….

 CAMAROs Watchlist for 11/29/12

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