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CAMARO’s Watchlist for 1/3/13

CRM - Had its highest close ever today as the market got off to a good step today. CRM did gap up this morning but the gap was sold and it filled the gap but after filling the gap CRM trended higher and bounce far off the lows of the session to close at 171.17 . Tomorrow I expect CRM to continue its strong uptrend and depending on volume break into new all-time highs again. I am in 170 and 175 calls overnight.

 CAMAROs Watchlist for 1/3/13

FB - Pending breakout here for facebook. We have a clearly defined resistance zone at 28-28.25 …Looking tomorrow for a move above that resistance level to move into the 28.50 calls then setup 29.50 for my target. Currently in the 28 strike calls for .30c and would love to move profits into higher strike if I get the move I am looking for.

 CAMAROs Watchlist for 1/3/13

GMCR - Closed above recent highs today at 43.51 with convincing volume. Looking for call entries on pullbacks that hold 42.50ish . or on nhod rips.   50 is going to act like a magnet to start off 2013.

 CAMAROs Watchlist for 1/3/13


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  • dorahc22

    Still liking $CMG, gapped like the rest so missed previous entry but still like the bounce/fill on the gap off of previous high…still looks good if holds above 300′s & 298′s for a move to 307 and higher if breaks…anyone agree?


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