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CAMARO’s Watchlist for 2/19/13

NFLX - Continues to be one of my favorite traders much like GOOG this stock is mega strong and is knocking at the door of room 200. Ill be looking to get into calls in two different scenarios.  1.  A gap down or a pullback that holds 185ish would be a great entry on some 190 calls. 2. A break above resistance of 190 (friday high) would make me want to get some 195 calls for a lotto type play because in my opinion if it breaks 190 its gonna hit 200.  Very bullish on NFLX but it it breaks support around 181 then my bias will switch to bearish.

 CAMAROs Watchlist for 2/19/13

FSLR - Watching for a break above recent highs of 35.60. This high was put in on Jan. 3rd of this year.  We made a big move on thursday up to 35.44 then on friday it had a nice pause and consolidation right under resistance (35.60) . If it breaks that high I think we could see a pretty big move again to 40+ as it might catch a short squeeze.

 CAMAROs Watchlist for 2/19/13

GOOG - This has been an awesome trader ever since that November 16th low and is now sitting at all time highs just under that big 800 number. I have been doing my best on timing my trades with GOOG by using the 8ma. I have been buying calls each time the 8ma hits the candlestick and Ive been rewarded for it. Will be looking to do more of the same this week as I think we see 800 break this week.

 CAMAROs Watchlist for 2/19/13

ENTB - Huge winner off last weeks watchlist making a run this week from .0025 to .0077 for over 175% run in a week. This week I want to see ENTB be able to hold support around .0061 if it pullsback but otherwise if ENTB breaks above fridays high of .0077 I see no reason why ENTB can’t make a move to penny land this week.

 CAMAROs Watchlist for 2/19/13


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  • Tim

    How do you feel about BIDU as far as option trading goes?

    • CAMARO24

      BIDU pretty tricky trade, my gut says to short it because its underneath the earnings gap down lows but at the same time its not really flushing to the downside like I would expect. Im avoiding BIDU for now. SINA is behaving much better if your looking for a china name to play.

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