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CAMAROs Watchlist For 2/22/13

GOOG - I have been using the 8ma lately as my entry point for calls on GOOG and yesterday and today GOOG held right above the 8ma and appears to be wanting to make yet another move back over 800. Key support at 791ish (LOD and 8ma location) so if it gaps under that zone Ill be looking to buy. Failure to regain 791 in first 15min and Ill give up on trade. Otherwise I want to to play the 790 calls for tomorrow on a gap down and the 800 calls on a gap up.

 CAMAROs Watchlist For 2/22/13

CBMX - Huge move today much like how it did in December. Im looking for a very similar and simple trade setup tomorrow. A break above todays high of 7.64 should trigger another squeeze and a run to 9.5-10.00 depending on volume. Last time it broke previous high (im talking about 12/10/12) it was able to run another 48%.

 CAMAROs Watchlist For 2/22/13

MEIP - Former runner setting up good lower level bull flag here. Watching for a break above 6.94 (top of flag) to trigger the next run.

 CAMAROs Watchlist For 2/22/13

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