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CAMARO’s Watchlist for 4/4/13

LNKD - We highlighted this stock along with NFLX last night as potentially good short setups and they both faded very hard today however I dont believe the low is on LNKD just yet which is why it is still on radar for continuation to the downside tomorrow. A break under todays low of 165 or a gap of 1% or bigger would be my entry for some 165 strike puts with a target of 163-161. In a gap up scenario if I buy puts and look for the fade the gap play I would want LNKD to begin filling the gap within the first 30min of the day otherwise I will give up on the trade.

 CAMAROs Watchlist for 4/4/13

SPWR - This stock got murdered so far this week as its down over 15% on the week and although the chart looks ugly I do believe there is a good chance at catching some sort of bounce on this stock tomorrow. There is a support zone around 9.50c and I think it is worth a try to the long side for a bounce. What I am watching for. A break under todays low of 9.59c then a bounce back over that 9.59 level (that will be our pivot pt). Once it regains the pivot pt then that will be my trigger for a long position using whatever the LOD is as my stoploss. my target for a bounce would be anywhere from 10.10-10.60 depending on the volume (ill use 10strike calls)

 CAMAROs Watchlist for 4/4/13

SKTO - There is a bull flag formation here that is worth paying attention to.  Needs to break and hold above .06c  with some good volume and then I think we can target new 52w highs .    chart – http://i.imgur.com/tQ2PKak.png

 CAMAROs Watchlist for 4/4/13


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