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CAMARO’s Watchlist for 4/5/13

AAPL - Overall bearish on AAPL. But thats easy to say. Going into tomorrow/monday I think that the 52w low is in jeopardy based upon the fact that AAPL has a bear flag on the daily and it closed at the lows of the flag today. Also the 8ma will cross under the 21ma tomorrow which might be the catalyst to the bear flag formation breaking down . Watch for 425 break if that happens then targeting 419 in play.

 CAMAROs Watchlist for 4/5/13

GOOG - Really like the short setup here aswell as GOOG today was very heavy and tomorrow I think we can target some mid 780s tomorrow. There is pretty decent support on GOOG at 793.50ish  but the fact that GOOG failed to keep above 800 as the markets make new highs shows the relative weakness in GOOG. Ill be watching for a crack under 793 tomorrow for my entry. Looking to grab two positions. This weeks and next weeks puts. Probably 790P weekly and 780P next weeks expiration. (holding the 780s for next week if GOOG still showing weakness)

 CAMAROs Watchlist for 4/5/13

SPWR - Mentioned this last night for a reversal candle to form and it did today. I sadly failed to get a position, it just moved so fast soon as it regained the pivot pt of 9.59 that I mentioned last night  but going into tomorrow we could see more continuation to this bounce. Use todays high as a pivot long and I think we can target the 8ma which is trading at 10.90 as a target. This will be probably be a swing into next week if I play it.


 CAMAROs Watchlist for 4/5/13


Full watchlist can be seen here



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