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CAMARO’s Stock Watchlist for 6/18/13

GOOG - Didnt breakout today like many thought it would but its holding in there very well. Above its 8/21mas again and tomorrow we are going to see the 8ma cross over the 21 for the first time in June which is a bullish signal. Watching for an 890 break tomorrow and then Ill target a move to 900

 CAMAROs Stock Watchlist for 6/18/13

PCLN - Had a gap and go trade today above that 818 resistance level I talked about over the weekend. Still think PCLN 52w highs could be taken out by friday especially if markets break out of their wedge formation. No clear setup for tomorrow, just watch it intraday for flags/wedges to play this stock has got momo just needs clean intraday setups

 CAMAROs Stock Watchlist for 6/18/13

SNDK - Nice wedge formation breakout today that closed at the highs and could give us another 1-2 days of follow through this week so will keep it on watch, the calls here are pretty inexpensive so thats always a nice thing. Ill be playing ITM using 60 strike calls. Target for this week is around 64 (you have to use a 10yr chart to find it). Also thats the measured move on a weekly chart because of the weekly bull flag.

 CAMAROs Stock Watchlist for 6/18/13

GS - Still hovering above its 8ma, holding up the best among the banks as it never even broke its 21ma during market pullback. If you pull up a 60min chart youll see a nice wedge formation that is about to reach the tip of the formation which will lead to nice price movements. Above 165.67 or below 162.91 are your reference points.

 CAMAROs Stock Watchlist for 6/18/13


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