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CAMARO’s Stock Watchlist for 7/1/13

AAPL - I think AAPL is going to bounce this week. Fridays candle is pretty impressive given the fact that it defended 52w lows so strong and alot of volume came in. AAPL spent most of the day hovering at 400 before the EOD selloff the markets got hit with and AAPL as well. Looking at a 60min chart you’ll see a descending channel with top line at 400ish and bottom line at 392ish. The 60min 8 and 21ma both curled up on friday for the first time since 6/7 and although the 8ma hasn’t crossed above the 21ma it sure looks like it will if AAPL can break through 400. So I will be waiting for a 60min close above 400 because that will get us above the channel and hopefully make the 8 cross above the 21ma. A 60min close above 400 opens the door to a pop back to 413 imo.

 CAMAROs Stock Watchlist for 7/1/13

AMZN - Continues to look ready to roll and at any time. Closed the month out above a monthly bull flag formation which is very bullish and now needs to confirm this month by pretty much making new all-time highs which I believe it will do. I am looking for a break above 280 to get long some calls and target new all-time highs which is at 284.72

 CAMAROs Stock Watchlist for 7/1/13
GLD - Gold has been killed the past few months and although I don’t believe 2013 lows are in yet on Friday GLD did give us a really strong reversal candle as it found support at 115 which was a big level as it acted as support back in the summer of 2010. There is a big gap to fill up to 123 this week and that is my target, hopefully it doesn’t gap up too much on monday because that would ruin the trade for me. 117.50 is the key level of support to hold, if it fails to hold there then I think fridays low can be taken out

 CAMAROs Stock Watchlist for 7/1/13


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