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Madaz Money: How to Manage Trading in the Summer

With summer fast approaching and everyone thinking of their awesome vacation party plans, I just wanted to touch up a quick topic that everyone seems to be discussing and that is how should to handle trading in the summer or … Continue reading

New Stock Tips Pick Coming Soon

On a day where we saw the halting of one of the most popular OTC stocks in PHOT, we have a silver lining in knowing that what arguably has been the most consistent penny stock promoter, Stock Tips, is releasing … Continue reading

Madaz Money: Essential Equipment for a Day Trader

Got a pretty good question in WatchMadazTrade today where someone asked me about my set up for trading in terms of hardware.  I was thinking about writing an article or making a video about this earlier but never had the … Continue reading

Madaz Money Watchlist for Thursday 3/19/14

Aside from a few plays in the morning it was a slower than usual day, and with major volume players FNMA and PHOT drying out in volume I would expect a slower day tomorrow as well, but there are a … Continue reading

Madaz Money Watchlist for Wednesday 3/19/14

Today we saw a ton of action with FNMA fading very hard to 3 bucks and PHOT getting a negative Seeking Alpha article resulting in a huge down move at the open.  Here are stocks that I feel are in … Continue reading

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