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New Stock Tips Pick Coming Soon

On a day where we saw the halting of one of the most popular OTC stocks in PHOT, we have a silver lining in knowing that what arguably has been the most consistent penny stock promoter, Stock Tips, is releasing … Continue reading

Madaz Money: Essential Equipment for a Day Trader

Got a pretty good question in WatchMadazTrade today where someone asked me about my set up for trading in terms of hardware.  I was thinking about writing an article or making a video about this earlier but never had the … Continue reading

Madaz Money Watchlist for Thursday 3/19/14

Aside from a few plays in the morning it was a slower than usual day, and with major volume players FNMA and PHOT drying out in volume I would expect a slower day tomorrow as well, but there are a … Continue reading

Madaz Money Watchlist for Wednesday 3/19/14

Today we saw a ton of action with FNMA fading very hard to 3 bucks and PHOT getting a negative Seeking Alpha article resulting in a huge down move at the open.  Here are stocks that I feel are in … Continue reading

Madaz banks over 7k live trading FNMA.

Thought you would enjoy this clip of Madaz banking over 7k on FNMA on the first day of his live trading service. Use coupon code : GRANDOPENING now to save 30%. (offer ending soon.) LIVE TRADING FNMA

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