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CNBC pro’s get bearish on AAPL in the midst of major uptrend

CNBC has done it again. What do we consider one of the best contrarian bullish signals? When “experts” get bearish in the midst of a major uptrend. That’s exactly what we have going on in shares of AAPL. Check out … Continue reading

An open letter to awesomepennystocks.com regarding NSRS

Dear Awesomepennystocks, We get it. You’re the best. NSRS has proved everyone (us included) wrong in ever doubting your ability to pull out all the stunts in making sure a stock you’re promoting goes absurdly higher. But please, we’re begging … Continue reading

DNDN Video chart 1/6/2012

DNDN exploded higher on 1/5 on its highest upside volume since 4/29/2009. This video explains what support and resistance levels to focus in on now to determine if DNDN has more upside, or if this is just a flash in … Continue reading

The news continues on POWT & NSRS pumps, trade smart

Click here for the latest news release on POWT and here for the latest news release on NSRS.

Atrinsic Inc (ATRN) surges 175% — What the chart says now

Last week we did a video chart on ATRN highlighting the potential for a bounce to occur. You can watch that video here (ATRN is discussed at the 13:20 mark). Now that ATRN has broken the key resistance levels outlined … Continue reading

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