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The SNPK news that hasn’t hit yet!

One of our resident members owns a book store. He reached out to the people at Sunpeak Ventures (SNPK) and somehow convinced them it would be a good idea to sell Clotamin (their multi-vitamin blood thinner) at it! Maybe we’ll … Continue reading

Timothy Sykes out members with $100,000 stock promotion

In Timothy Sykes “About Tim” section he states the following: “Battling against those in finance who misinform and lie, I’ve made enemies with soulless penny stock promoters, certain CNBC commentators…” Well after his recent stock promotion of Itrackr Systems Inc (IRYS), of … Continue reading

NSRS CEO Harry Lappa turns $306,196 into $200,000,000! A 65,000% return!

Oh the lure of being a penny stock CEO. How nice it must be to turn $306,196 into over $200,000,000. Yes, you read that right, 200 MILLION DOLLARS! Nothing like a cool 65,217% gain to file on your tax returns. … Continue reading

The 2,400% gain you DIDN’T make on North Springs Resources (NSRS)

North Springs Resources (NSRS) is the latest stock to be the lucky recipient of promotion by Awesomepennystocks.com (APS). APS has informed their members that they could make 3,000% with NSRS, proclaiming: NSRS will not only be our first pick of … Continue reading

Elray Gaming (ELRA) shows why level 2 is so important

Some pictures are worth a thousand words, the one below is worth thousands of dollars.

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