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Accessing our new chat room and why we made a change

Hi everyone. Recently we changed the chat room software we were using from flashcoms to omnovia. There were some positives and negatives with flaschoms chat software, just as there with omnovia’s (and any other chat software). We felt the need … Continue reading

SH update: CNBC changes their tone on high oil prices

A week ago, we talked about how high oil prices have actually boded well for stock prices in recent history. Well after weeks of reporting how high oil prices could have a negative impact on stocks, it appears CNBC might … Continue reading

SH update 3/1/12: Revisiting the gold & silver miner trade

About a week ago, we wrote that gold and silver miners deserved our attention, and we outlined a bullish thesis. However after yesterday’s dismal action in gold, silver, and alot of the mining names, we’re being forced to question whether … Continue reading

Stockhave Update: June decline in personal spending is first since September 2009

The markets received another poor economic report this morning that showed personal spending by consumers, dropped 0.2% to mark the first decline in nearly two years. The report defied economists expectations for a 0.1% increase. A positive twist to this … Continue reading

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