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Stockhaven Classroom 10/28/12 (How to prepare for a trading day the night before, Tips on using Level 2 to trade AAPL)

The main focus of tonight’s class was how I prepare for a trading day the night before the market opens. In addition, I go over strategies for picking which stocks make you “comfortable,” knowing when to get out of a … Continue reading

Stockhaven’s Classroom 8/23/12

Ever struggle with emotions when you have losses in a trade? Eliminate that mistake by coming up with a trading plan based on expectations. Listen to our discussion that we had on that topic last night in class. Other topics … Continue reading

Stockhaven’s Classroom 6/6/12

Topics include: How to buy a stock on the bid and sell on the ask, the difference between small-cap stocks and penny stocks, identifying potential short squeeze set ups, how to manage a trade entered based on an expectation of … Continue reading

Stockhaven’s Classroom 6/5/12

Topics include: Indicators that show the market hasn’t yet bottomed, how to go about creating a watch list, the basics of financial statements and identifying red flags about forthcoming dilution, the similarities between markets and your friends… Charts reviewed: IMDC, … Continue reading

Stockhaven’s Classroom 5/30/12

Topics include: How to draw vertical trend lines, why price action is more important than trend lines or chart patterns – why technical analysis is similar to a popularity contest… Charts reviewed: FCEL, GWBU, AGRT, GYSTD, SYNC, BRFH

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