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Stockhaven’s Classroom 5/29/12

Topics include: An in depth analysis of the VIX how important to understand what it might be telling you about the direction of the market, the chances a penny stock promotion gets halted… Charts reviewed: PRKR, AGRT, THWI, ORYN, LGF

Stockhaven’s Classroom 5/24/12

Topics include: Why penny stocks don’t react to “good” news, how late day moves in indicators like the VIX can shape our biases for the next day… Tickers reviewed: MJNA, TDEY, GENE, GWBU

Stockhaven’s Classroom 5/23/12

Topics include: Coming with a bullish/bearish/neutral bias and how it should affect your trading strategy, whether “fundamentals” matter when trading, discussing some features on Etrade’s scanner… Tickers reviewed: IWEB, GWBU, BSX, AAPT, TIF, GENE, NEWN, VSST, GGSMD, PRKR

Stockhaven’s Classroom 5/22/12

Topics include: How to turn trading into a steady income, the best way to determine your entry’s and exits on option trades, explaining the VIX/USO/SPY and their importance, what you want to see from level 2… Tickers reviewed: DNAD, JPM, … Continue reading

Stockhaven’s Classroom 5/17/12

Thoughts for day trading the Facebook IPO… Tickers reviewed: GWBU, SIRI, FFN, CMGO, BIEL, MELY, MSLP, SPY, PAPA, CHD, IZEA (Please excuse the blip about 23 minutes into tonight’s classroom video that caused to have to break it down into … Continue reading

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