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Notice: Please Read

Worthmore Investments, LLC and stockhaven.com were mentioned today in criminal charges filed against several individuals, including Alexander Hawatmeh.  Alex has not been involved with the company or the website since late 2012.  None of the charges filed against Alex relate … Continue reading

Trading 101 – Overcoming Stubbornness

In this video I go over the psychological and tactical strategy for overcoming stubbornness in your trading.  

The #1 Reason Traders Lose Money

In the video below I go over what I believe is the #1 reason traders lose money. Enjoy!   (note: the video is 1 hour long but much of that is due to a question and answer session at the … Continue reading

My Biggest Gain And Loss — The Psychology of Wins & Losses In Trading

How do you deal with losing trades? What about your winning trades? Is there a stark contrast in the two? Hear my story on my biggest gain, my biggest loss, and the lessons I learned from both!    

How To Get Around Pattern Day Trading Restrictions

Do Pattern Day Trading (PDT) restrictions hold you back? Then you’ll want to watch the following video to learn how you can get around PDT!    

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