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Stockhaven’s Watchlist – 3/26/14

PMCM: Might be the next RFMK type mover considering that it is getting huge volume in the $0.004′s and that’s RFMK just moved up to a penny from. Expecting a gap higher above $0.005 on Wednesday where that level will … Continue reading

Stockhaven’s Watchlist – 3/24/14

RFMK: Alerted this one via email @ $0.0046 on Friday and it finished the day with an awesome close @ hod. Expecting the penny level to act as a magnet this week as long as the company doesn’t dilute the … Continue reading

Is NFLX Consolidating? Reversing? Or About To Make New Highs?

NFLX has been a great trader over the last few years, rallying from $60 to $300 only to fall back to $60 again, before ultimately making up all of those losses and reclaiming the $300 level. NFLX is a hotly … Continue reading

NFLX, SPY, GOOG, TSLA, CRM, GLD, BAC, PCLN — 9/11/13 Watch List

NFLX ($313.06): over/under 310 set up; over/under 315 set up — 315 in play on the over/305-300 in play on the under; 320′s in play on the over with 313-310 in play on the under. Huge momo on Tuesday that, if … Continue reading

TSLA, GS, SPY, NFLX, GOOG, CRM — On Watch 9/6/13

TSLA ($169.93): over/under 170 set up — 173.40-175 in play on the over with 180 in play above that, 171.62 is resistance/165 backtest in play with 160 in play below that, 167-167.50 & 168.25 are key supports. Premiums on out … Continue reading

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