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Penny stock accumulation scan week of 5/29/2012

These stocks have all seen recent accumulation that is greater than the average daily volume of the last 45 days: COIL/PHOT/LVWD/AECP/AGRT/SOUP/LUDG/MMAX

Recorded classroom sessions and watchlist for the week

Follow this link for a recap of the classes we held this week and a watchlist for the upcoming week.

Stockhaven’s watchlist 3/18/12

To see Stockhaven’s watch list click here.

3/4/12: Stockhaven’s watchlist

Here is Stockhaven’s usual Sunday watchlist. Remember to sign up to have Stockhaven’s Sunday watchlist emailed to you directly every Sunday.

2/28/12: Tuesday’s watchlist

You can find our watchlist for today by clicking this link.

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