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SH @ the bell 6/13/12: The longer you wait, well… the longer you wait

The longer the market is able to hold up in the face of rising Euro yields, falling oil prices, a rising dollar, and other typically bearish indicators, the longer people will be waiting for it to crack. The longer people … Continue reading

SH @ the bell 6/12/12: Find a point of reference

There are a lot of reasons to be bearish. Some of our favorites include, but are not limited to the following: 1.) On Monday, oil broke to new lows, disappointing those who thought a bottom was in 2.) The VIX … Continue reading

SH @ the bell 6/11/12: Got it all figured out…

The last week or so in the market has us seeing a lot of mixed signals out there in regards to a market bottom. On the one hand, we finally saw some strong price action in the indexes and key … Continue reading

SH @ the bell 6/8/12: A different type of bottom?

Even after closing more than 10 points off of its high for the day on Thursday, the S&P500 is still on track to finish higher for the 2nd week out of 3. Oil and copper however, have been less fortunate. … Continue reading

SH @ the bell 6/7/12: Market turns to fed, here’s how to stay ahead

Don’t do it, don’t let yourself get distracted. With Ben Bernanke scheduled to testify before Congress at 10:00 am est and the financial media crediting the recent bounce in the market to optimism over what he might say, you need … Continue reading

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