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SH @ the bell 5/29/12: Tight ranges signaling a big move is coming

Whether you”re looking at key commodities, indexes, or sectors, the ranges towards the end of last week were very narrow. These tight ranges after a big directional move occurred (lower in this case), suggest the market is taking a wait … Continue reading

SH @ the bell 5/25/12: Burrito’s and Apple’s

The markets are on pace to end their first 3 week losing streak since July of last year. While that would certainly be a good sign for market bulls, they should find it sobering that after that weekly losing streak … Continue reading

SH @ the bell 5/24/12: Why oil says the bottom isn’t in yet

With two successful tests and consequent bounces out of the key 1,290-1,295 level some are likely thinking the bottom is in. Why wouldn’t they? The bears had every chance to break the market below 1,295 on Wednesday but couldn’t as … Continue reading

SH @ the bell 5/23/12: Is trendy pricey or are prices trendy?

Imagine you are a store owner that sells a trendy product that is selling very well. Say you’re selling it for $50, you feel that there is adequate demand to support the case for rising the price, so you do. At $60, … Continue reading

SH @ the bell 5/22/12: When the markets are a mess, do not guess

With the NASDAQ posting its best one day performance of 2012 yesterday many are wondering if the market pullback that began in April has run its course? We’re of the belief that there is still work to be done in … Continue reading

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