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Video chart: GOOG vs AAPL

Thinking about investing in either of these names for the long term? This video analyzes the unique differences between GOOG and AAPL when it comes to price analysis.

SNPK video chart analysis 4/9/12

Video chart analysis of SNPK, SEFE, GTRL, HBRM

SNPK is covered 1st. SEFE is covered at the 6:50 mark. GTRL is covered at the 11:39 mark. HBRM is covered at the 18:42 mark.

Sunpeak Ventures Inc (SNPK) video chart

This video provides detailed technical analysis of Sunpeak Ventures Inc (SNPK). Not only do we point out what to watch in terms of price action, but we include volume analysis as well. This video chart accounts for the action in … Continue reading

HGSI Video Chart 1/11/12

HGSI exploded higher on 1/11 on its highest upside volume since 10/18/2011. This video explains what support and resistance levels to focus in on now to determine if HGSI has more upside, or if this is just a flash in … Continue reading

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