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Dr. Stock’s Penny Stock Watchlist for 3/19/2013

Hey Folks,

Today was a crazy day for the penny market with many promotions being released today and lots of money to be made. The penny market is on a hot streak and now is the best time to be trading and exercising your strategies while the market is liquid and volatile. One imperative rule of trading is to NEVER over-trade in a shitty market or “force trades” when there is lack of opportunity in the market, this is where traders tend to lose the most money. This is the time where you want to gather your nuts for the winter, in other words make that coin while the market is hot, so when the hot streak is over you can adjust your strategies to the slow market, and have a nice cushion of capital  so you don’t feel the need to overtrade icon smile Dr. Stocks Penny Stock Watchlist for 3/19/2013


Released by APS today and traded over 263 million shares. Many traders in chat were able to make some quick money trading it from .23 as it quickly spiked into the .26-.30 range. GOFF was spotted in chat by members before APS released it. Will be daytrading this one tomorrow on any breakouts or intraday bounces. I always try to call these plays out in chat

 Dr. Stocks Penny Stock Watchlist for 3/19/2013


Crazy parabolic move today, up over 100% with lots of strength into the close. Will be watching this one to top out, when the top is in it will fall like a rock. Should make a nice bounce play, so radar peeps

 Dr. Stocks Penny Stock Watchlist for 3/19/2013


TBX play today, will again watch this one closely for a washout. Be careful peeps TBX plays have been known lately to be one-day-wonders but still very tradable, not for beginners

 Dr. Stocks Penny Stock Watchlist for 3/19/2013

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