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Fannie Mae (FNMA) Gets Spanked on Bad News

Long time OTC fan favorite, FNMA (Fannie Mae) along with its sister FMCC (Freddie Mac) fell as much as 49% and 45% off their respective highs yesterday on news from Washington that there was going to be a bi-partisan bill by the Senate Banking Committee that would wind down both entities.  The market did not digest this news well which resulted in a relentless 2 hour blood bath, which saw multiple fake bounces before finally finding a bottom.

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Moving forward my strategy for the stock is not going to change and will respect the support and resistance levels accordingly.  The 3.25-3.35 zone should at act as critical support moving forward as that was where the bounce occurred and resistance levels should be 3.87 and 4.40-4.50.  The volume should also stay consistently high as there have been some issues regarding executions on lower volume days.  A day where the volume is at least 1.5 million, ideally 2 million or higher, typically signals a high volume day overall for FNMA.

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