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GRPS ~ how we knew a promotion was coming; recognizing block trades

GRPS moved over 100% today on heavy volume. The reason is because numerous promoters alerted it this morning as their “pick.” Don’t you wish you would’ve gotten the alert before the crowd, say like yesterday, when the stock was at a penny? Well if you would’ve been with us in our live chat room your wish would’ve came true. When a member pointed out GRPS to us (that’s right, we actually look into the stocks our members recommend), we noticed some irregular trading going on. Specifically, there were three block trades of at least 900,000 shares that went through that clued us in that something was up. You see, alot of times a company or third party will agree to sell a large number of shares to a promoter they have contracted as compensation. Another reason they do this, is so the promoter can somewhat control the trading of the stock. If some promoter gets over 2 million shares of a stock, it’s relatively easy for them to stop it from going higher by simply putting the whole block on ask somewhere. Or if they want to let it explode higher, they can create resistance and then simply pull their large order. Doing so can help create momentum in the stock and get alot of volume to come in from momentum players and day traders. We also noticed large block trades going thru on stocks like AVVC and LEXG in the early stages of their runs, which clued us in that a promotion was forthcoming. Recently, we saw three 500,000 share block trades go thru on CLGL on March 30th, 2011. We have had our eye on the stock ever since and firmly believe a promotion is coming on it at some point in the not too distant future. So the next time you notice large block trades going thru on a stock, be sure to take note, because you might have just spotted the next LEXG before anyone else icon wink GRPS ~ how we knew a promotion was coming; recognizing block trades

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