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Hot Dollar Stocks – Stockhaven’s Dollar Menu

Dollar stocks have been very hot in the OTC market lately, if you’re an active trader you’ve surely noticed this. Recent hot dollar stocks like ALZM, LEXG, AVVC, have had crazy multi-million dollar money-flow trading. We’ve called TONS of these in our live stock chat room, including AVVC at .88 and we personally bought LEXG around $1.15 which hit a high of $4.17. Stockhaven members are clearly reaping the benefits of our FREE Stock Newsletter.

Below I’ll list a few annotated charts showing the monster gains and money flow of some of these new Hot Dollar Stocks.

LEXG has been a Hot Dollar Stock on crazy steroids of some sort. An unbelievable promotion. LEXG has had a lot of shorts on it, but they have had a really rough ride as you can see. LEXG was exposed twice on stockhaven.com

lexg chart gains Hot Dollar Stocks   Stockhavens Dollar Menu

ALZM is another Hot Dollar Stock that is a good example of what to look for when hunting for these uptrending monsters. Notice the giant volume spike which was the green flag for entry.

alzm chart Hot Dollar Stocks   Stockhavens Dollar Menu

One thing you must remember when playing these highly-promoted penny stocks:

Take Profits.

While these stocks might go up nice and slow, posting large gains over a few weeks – when they crash, they crash HARD and FAST. A good strategy many of our members use while playing these is to sell on the way up, locking in profits. Nothin wrong with lockin those profits in!

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