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(OTC:LGFTY) – The Ultimate Bounce Play for Stockhaven Members -95%

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What a crazy day for our chat room members that played the intraday bounce on LGFTY for over 100% potential gains from the .35 – .40 range where members alerted bottom.

Longtop Financial Technologies (OTC:LGFTY) started trading again today after the SEC halted trading over three months ago. Prior to the halt Longtop Financial Tech traded under ticker symbol (NYSE:LFT). Trading was halted on May 16th at $18.93. Longtop traded under it’s new ticker symbol and opened today at $2.95 and quickly plummeted to .35 per share.

Stockhaven members recognized the trading opportunity in the .35 -40 range and many profited 100%+ gains on the bounce back to .80s. With LGFTY being down so much from pre-halt price of nearly $20 per share – we think this has potential to bounce higher.

PUDA is on watch for tomorrow as a similar play, it comes off halt and could provide LGFTY-like gains on the bounce. Want a trading community to share ideas with like LGFTY and PUDA? Make sure you register for our FREE trading chat room – between 80 – 100 active traders sharing ideas everyday.

LGFTY Chart:

LGFTY Longtop Financial Tech (OTC:LGFTY)   The Ultimate Bounce Play for Stockhaven Members  95%

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