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New Stock Tips Pick Coming Soon

On a day where we saw the halting of one of the most popular OTC stocks in PHOT, we have a silver lining in knowing that what arguably has been the most consistent penny stock promoter, Stock Tips, is releasing a new pick very soon.

StockTipsNewPick1 402x500 New Stock Tips Pick Coming Soon

Although a definitive date was not provided, history would suggest that Stock Tips would release the pick on Sunday afternoon with the first day of trading to take place on Monday.  Their last pick WPWR was an amazing intraday opportunity on the first day gapping up to 20 cents from a 5 cent prior close and hitting a first day intraday high of 45 cents for a massive 800 % gain from the Friday close and 125% intraday gain off the open.  The stock eventually hit a high of 86 cents up 1,620% since the alert price and 330% since the first day’s open price.  This definitely will attract traders who will undoubted will be hungry for big gains during this market dry spell.

WPWR 500x268 New Stock Tips Pick Coming Soon

I would expect that at the very least this pick would inject some much needed life into the penny market.

So let’s make some money!

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