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Stock Tips Releases New Pick, TGRO

Since the permanent retirement of AwesomePennyStocks, the title of top penny stock promoter has been vacant.  Some people have suggested that up-and-coming promoter Stock Tips is staking a claim to that title with their latest pick, Tiger Oil and Energy, Inc., ticker symbol, TGRO as a followup to their moderately successful last pick PGLO.

PGLO was a nice swing trade that started from the low 30s and hit a high in the mid 90s before falling after 10 days from its initial alert.  PGLO 500x220 Stock Tips Releases New Pick, TGRO

I expect that TGRO, which produced approximately $5M in volume the first day compared to PGLO’s $1.5M, has the potential to make an even stronger move given that the volume is suggesting that more people are keeping an eye on Stock Tips’s plays.

Moving forward we saw that .50s held strong as support even after some seller took place during the second half of the day and should be a level to watch with another very key support level at .45, which was also tested on multiple occasions.  We also would ideally like to see if TGRO can generate similar daily volume around the 10M range.

TGRO 500x221 Stock Tips Releases New Pick, TGRO

I am currently long 10,000 shares of TGRO at a .441717 average.

As always, manage your positions and don’t play with more than you can afford to lose.

Good luck and see you guys in the chatroom.


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