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Stockhaven’s classroom 4/24/12

Topics include: The people behind a promotion, how to enter a momentum stock, understanding sector rotation, avoiding downtrending stocks. Tickers reviewed: LQMT, ICPA, SEFE, THQI, PLPE, CCXI, EGT, CLNO, XCLL, BIOD, BION, DNDN

The following is a text version of the submitted questions (italics represent Stockhaven’s comments):

1.) During class/chat while you are discussing stocks being promo’d you say things like there is a lot of volume but “they” are not letting it run. Or when a stock crashes it’s “they” who make it happen. Could you explain who “they” are and how “they” can control how high, or how fast a stock moves?

2.) Is it best to make more than one buy or sell order to fill an order at one or more support or resistance levels on a chart? (Please give me an example), thanks.


swing trade

long term investment

covered in class on 4/11: http://www.stockhaven.com/stockhavens-classroom-41112/

3.) Can you discuss or reiterate your stance on the sector rotation that was mentioned on your post of April 4th?  Has this change been confirmed?  What tool or site do you use to check sectors and what are you looking for outside of the percentage change that you listed in that post?


4.) I am trying to devise a strategy to play pennies and I think I am coming up just a bit short.  I believe that my technical analysis is right on, but I continually pick them on the bottom for them to just go lower.  Is there some way to weed out stocks that have entered what looks like consolidation, but just is a pause before continuing south?  A few of the examples I have gotten caught up in are (WTII at .051, NXOI at .0009, and SRGL at .065 + volume dried up).  Basically my idea is to pick them up based on previous lows and either play the bounces that have been shown in a charts past or look for the breakout into a bull run.  Can you offer any advice?

this person is likely playing downtrending stocks 

play uptrending stocks 

everytime i play downtrending stocks, even if it’s an area where i deem there to be support.. i still lose.. SO I’M GONNA STOP PLAYING THESE TYPES OF STOCKS



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