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Stockhaven’s Webinar From June 11th, 2014

Questions from the webinar can be found below, (time-stamp to answer):

1) Is there a definite season for these to typically run? Because there doesn’t seem to be hardly any running like the fall or winter into the Spring. (00:25 mark)

2) I was reading an article that talked about timing reversals. The article said everyone thinks you want to focus on major congestion areas (support or resistance) as a means for timing a reversal but that that isn’t what you should do. Instead the article suggested focusing on areas of very little price action to try and time reversals. I was rather confused by the concept, could you shed some light on this? (6:57 mark)

3) Do you scrutinize losing trades harder or winning trades? (26:00 mark)

4) Do you use a rating system for your trades, like a 1-10 scale? For instance do you assign a 1 to a bad trade and a 9 to a great trade to help you keep track of how you have been trading? (30:14 mark)

5) How are you trading around this low volatility environment considering the VIX making a recent new 52 week low and what is your general market outlook? (32:52 mark)

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