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SH @ the bell 9/6/2011: So long relief rally, we hardly knew ya’

It took 3 weeks for the markets to rally 12% off their August lows and it has taken all of 2 days for them to give up half of those gains. This is a sign that what we witnessed was … Continue reading

Stockhaven @ the bell 8/22/2011: Markets enter week in precarious position

With all the major indexes shedding at least 4% last week the markets are hovering above the low end of their recent ranges. In an updated technical analysis video of the S&P500 on 8/17 we pointed out 1,120-1,170 was the … Continue reading

Stockhaven @ the bell 8/12/2011: Bernanke the string puller

When Ben Bernanke and the FOMC announced on Tuesday that they would be keeping interest rates at record low levels until 2013 he forced investors to reevaluate their market strategy. Upon the announcement, treasury rates plunged as investors took the … Continue reading

Stockhaven @ the close 8/11/2011: And the answer is…. BOUNCE

This morning we raised the question whether or not the markets were going to bounce, the answer was a resounding yes. After markets in Europe stabilized and turned green this morning our markets followed suit and exploded higher out of … Continue reading

Stockhaven @ the bell 8/8/2011: Markets to remain in fragile state

After the markets closed on Friday, credit rating agency firm S&P stripped the U.S. of its AAA credit rating. Although one could argue that the market has been expecting a downgrade of some sort for weeks, its actual arrival should … Continue reading

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