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MarketShanks Watch: Nov. 5

SPY: Seems to be getting a little tired on the weekly chart. The daily chart looks great though and we are day/short-term traders so no need to be over cautious…last weeks highs are in play today if we break 11/01, 11/04 … Continue reading

Time to get Long..?

SPY: This uptrend line (dating back to Q4 2012) has been tested now 5 times and we have successfully bounced each time…leads me to expect more of the same. Don’t fight the trend here this rising trend line is support until … Continue reading

MarketShanks Watch 8.13.13

AAPL: Pretty simple play imo. Over the 200sma I like this to take out recent highs and challenge 480 this week. That being said…I see most everyone thinks AAPL just gonna rip through 200 sma and recent highs with no problems, … Continue reading

7.30.2013 Watch

GOOG: Inverted Hammer and back to back similar lows. If we hold in 880s I think this dip could get bought up in GOOG and head back to 900. If 880s fail and selling con’t have to start looking for 860s. … Continue reading

Market Outlook & Option Watch 4.30.2013

SPX: Same story, different day. Go look up bull market and a daily chart may pop up. This market is so strong and 1600 is coming soon. I actually think we are going higher than 1600, but one step at … Continue reading

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