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SH @ the close 2/7/12: Indexes continue to consolidate; gold/silver rally

While the markets did move above last weeks highs it didn’t really feel like they did to us. The move was rather positive, but not the explosive move higher that typically comes with significant breakouts above resistance. Therefore we’re labeling … Continue reading

SH @ the bell 9/26/2011: No lions, no tigers… just bears

With commodities crashing last week all asset classes (save the U.S. dollar & U.S. treasury bills) are now in undeniable downtrends. The fed sounded the alarm last Wednesday when they cited, “significant downside risks to the economic outlook” only two … Continue reading

Stockhaven @ the close 7/7/2011

Stocks stampeded higher out of the gates today on the heels of a better than expected report on the jobs front. Specifically, private payrolls rose by 157,000 in June, well surpassing economists expectations for an increase of 70,000. Adding fuel … Continue reading

Stockhaven @ the close 6/28/2011

The markets were able to extend yesterday’s rally and are now just a tick below last weeks highs. Today was a nice sign of strength as the market refused to give up early morning gains, in fact, the markets added … Continue reading

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