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Profiting off of the “sympathy play”

What is a sympathy play? A sympathy play is when one stock performs well, because another stock with a similar situation has already risen. The concept is all about psychology. If one stock performed well for a certain reason, then … Continue reading

An open letter to awesomepennystocks.com regarding NSRS

Dear Awesomepennystocks, We get it. You’re the best. NSRS has proved everyone (us included) wrong in ever doubting your ability to pull out all the stunts in making sure a stock you’re promoting goes absurdly higher. But please, we’re begging … Continue reading

NSRS real time video shows & explains level 2 manipulation

In this video we show you, in live real-time, level 2 manipulation taking place on Northern Spring Resources (NSRS).


This is a great article that was written by one our very own here at stockhaven.com: angell. Most of our members have met angell in chat and she’s a very helpful person. She sent us the following write up and … Continue reading

The news continues on POWT & NSRS pumps, trade smart

Click here for the latest news release on POWT and here for the latest news release on NSRS.

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