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Stockhaven Weekly Watchlist 7/18/2011 – 7/22/2011

Here is our watchlist for the upcoming week: SAVW ($.0053) – Momentum: Support at .004 – Resistance at .006, .007, .009(breakout) (chart here)

Stockhaven @ the bell 7/13/2011

After a three day pullback the S&P500 finds itself in a familiar position, straddling its 50 day simple moving average. Instead of focusing on the chatter and headlines we see on a daily basis, we prefer instead to focus on … Continue reading

Stockhaven @ the bell 7/12/2011

Sovereign debt issues in Europe continue to dominate the headlines as fresh worries over the fiscal health of Italy rattled the markets Monday. What’s more, concerns domestically with our own debt issues has also been gaining more attention lately and … Continue reading

Stockhaven @ the close 7/11/2011

The markets were greeted with a steep sell off right out of the gates today. News out of Europe that head finance ministers are now considering a different type of bailout package for Greece was not exactly what the market … Continue reading

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