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Stockhaven @ the bell 6/3/2011

There’s no way around it, Friday is all about the unemployment report. The unique timing about this jobs report is what makes it so important. With QE2 scheduled to come to an end this month, we suspect traders will not … Continue reading

Stockhaven @ the close 6/2/2011

As expected, the markets broke to new monthly lows today before battling back to finish with only modest losses in comparison. 1,294-1,305 is a key level to watch on the $SPX. That level coincides with “neckline support” of a bullish … Continue reading

Stockhaven @ the bell 6/2/2011

From our 5/31 “@ the close:” “How long will it be before the market finally focuses its attention on the slowing growth here at home? That answer is unknown, and the result of the realization is unknown, but we recommend … Continue reading

Stockhaven @ the bell 6/01/2011

Traders will be watching to see if the market can sustain the momentum it built on Tuesday on the heels of another rescue package for ailing Greece. Keep your eyes on the U.S. dollar index also, the index’s recent 4 … Continue reading

Stockhaven @ the bell 5/27/2011

With no shortage of U.S. economic data out today, traders will get more insight into what the market is thinking. Traders should pay especially close to the 1,328 level on the S&P500, that was the high for the day Thursday. … Continue reading

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