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Trading University is our idea of what a college should teach if you were going to major in trading.

video17 Trading University   Learn to trade like the pros

    1. Watch our Videos – Before you make your first trade you’ve gotta watch Stockhaven’s videos. See him explain key concepts like support and resistance, make live trades, and highlight must know options & penny stock technicalities.
  • Read our Articles – Read articles that were submitted by some of our very own users as they share their experiences about what they’ve learned as new traders thus far.

global17 Trading University   Learn to trade like the pros

  • Attend our Classes – Watch archived webinars that address all types of trading related questions submitted by our users. These videos contain the most valuable insight on our entire sight.
  • Study our Dictionary - Use your Stockhaven dictionary to understand all the lingo we use in our chat room and that you see throughout the contents of the site.



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