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Watchlist for 1/31/14

TSLA - It spent the majority of the day trading right under 185 & suckering in call buyers like myself looking for the 185 break, but it just never came. Thinking tomorrow it will gap above it and give us a gap & go day with 190-192 being my target but a likely pin right under 190 by the end of the day. I like it more for a swing play though because earnings are still pretty far away and I think TSLA will break to new highs before the report. Remember TSLA’s short interest has actually seen a dramatic increase despite the major correction it went during Oct/Nov as it now has a 37% short float. Crazy.

 Watchlist for 1/31/14

CAT - Broke abovee the 93 resistance today and hit new 2014 highs, I think the chart is now very much open with next resistance level being around 96. I like the monthly 95x calls with a 96 target perhaps by late next week. I am long CAT shares.

 Watchlist for 1/31/14

NFLX - Looking to short it tomorrow under todays low. I think we close the week out around 395 judging by the OI on the weekly options. 395 is also the earnings day high. Very low volume today on the highs following a big move, which in the past has been bad news for NFLX in the following days. Looking for a 380 retest (where rising trend line is ) next week.

 Watchlist for 1/31/14


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