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Watchlist for 3/21/13

AAPL - Nice little two controlled pullback on AAPL as it has held onto the the majority of the recent gains from 425 to 460 . Hovering above 450 today as the 8ma starts to cross the 21ma I think there is a good chance we see 460s again this week. Ill be watching for a continued hold of 450 to perhaps get long otherwise if it closes above 455 on a 15min candle (didn’t do that all day besides the gap up) will be my trigger to get long using the 455 strike.

 Watchlist for 3/21/13

GS - Never trigger my short today but still on my radar for a short play. Today it had an inside day with low volume hovering near the lows of yesterdays candle. Still under its 8 and 21sma and overall looking heavy to me. If we gap up I will likely short that and look for a green to red move.  Otehrwise a snap under todays low of 149.25 will be a good trigger short playing NEXT weeks options…

 Watchlist for 3/21/13

SPWR - Solars are acting a little better as FSLR is finally starting to rebound but this name in particular looks the best for possible new 52w highs. The weekly chart is wonderful. Beautiful bull flag that is in the process of breaking out.  I will be looking to swing some calls for a multi week hold. Will probably go with April 13strike calls and June 11 strike calls. will tweet it if I buy it. @camar024

 Watchlist for 3/21/13

PPMIQ - Everyone is trying to search the next Q stock to run. First it was AAMRQ then it was ATPAQ then EKDKQ then today ABKFQ and I think tomorrow it will be PPMIQ. Major thing to note is the level 2 on this one is very odd but the chart looks like it could see a run to .08-.10c if it can break above .06c tomorrow. Good volume today just needs that 6c break  ——Other Q stocks I have on radar that yet to run are AONEQ LNETQ MFGLQ PCXCQ

 Watchlist for 3/21/13


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